The Original principles of jet milling are simple.
The powder particles are fed into the flat cylindrical milling chamber tangentially through a venturi system by pressurized air or nitrogen. The Pi?rticles are accelerated in a spiral movement inside the milling chamber by a number of nozzles placed around the periphery of the chamber.
The micronizing effect takes place by the collision between the incoming particles and those already accelerated into the spiral path.
Whilst centrifugal force retains the larger particles at the periphery of the milling chamber, the smaller particles exit with the exhaust air from the centre of the chamber.
Our Jet Mills ar optimised to e control the­particle size distribution by using only two parameters: FEED RATE & PRESSURE, while all other parameters were optimised and fixed.
We provide Quality Documents like D.Q/I.Q/O.Q.& operation Manuals with all Test Certificates.
Sreenex manufactures a range of Micronizers from Laboratory Model to large production Micronizing units. We also have experience in isolated systems which permits to have a safe micronizing process. Our Micronizers sre used for the ultrafine Micron-ization of dry powders, such as pharma-ceuticals, sterile products, fine chemicals, heat sensitive materials, organic and inorganic pigments etc.
Our Micronizing Unis are specifically designed and built according to Customer's requirements: We also speak of these Micronizers in Categories according to their uses: Laboratory, Pilot or Production. These categories will naturally overlap since batch size can vary widely from one material to the next.
APRELIMINARY TEST sjm 50 Lab Model Unit our company is always possible
Utilizing an identical Micronizer to the one which could satisfy Customer's requirements. Our Units are easy to install, to use, to clean and to validate all parts which can be easily assembled and dissembled.
The performances are easily reproducible scalling from Lab-units to large -size units; the observance of few parameters permits to have a perfect scale-up.
Techinical Specification
Model Estimated Capacity kg/Hr SFD-30Air CFM Floor Space in Mtrs. W x L x H
SJM-50 0.05-1 25 400x400x1215
SJM-100 0.05-4 50 550x915x1250
SJM-200 0.50 -50 100 2600x1200x2400
SJM-300 5.00-200 225 2800x1300x2500
SJM-400 10.00-300 400 3000x1500x2700
Gross Weight in Kgs. 325(approx.) 500(approx.) 600(approx.)