Sreenex Comminuting Mill
Sreenex Comminuting Mill is with latest innovation in design, it's advantage is minimum product exposure to operator and environment. Versatile in operation with minimum maintenance. Even, for switching from knife to impact is accomplished simply by reversing the rotor assembly.
The flexibility, efficiency and precision of Sreenex comminuting mill makes it suitable for variety of applications in pulverisation of material.
Techinical Specification
Model SCM 8/3 SCM 12/6 SCM 12/9
Rotor Speed, (RPM) 2000-4000-8000 1000-2250-4500 1000-2250-4500
Motor 3 HP/2.2 Kw/1440 RPM/415 V/50 Hz/3 Phase 7.5 HP/5.5 Kw/1440 RPM/415 V/50 Hz/3 Phase 310 HP/7.5 Kw/1440 RPM/415 V/50 Hz/3 Phase
* Capacity(Per Hour) Upto 150 Kgs. Upto 400 Kgs. Upto 550 Kgs.
Floor Space in mm L x B x H 700 x 900 x 1650 L x B x H 750 x 1250 x 1700 L x B x H 800 x 1250 1750
Net Weight in Kgs. 175(approx.) 300(approx.) 380(approx.)
Gross Weight in Kgs. 325(approx.) 500(approx.) 600(approx.)

Rotor / Blade Assembly

At the heart of each Sreenex Comminuting mill is a rotor and blade assembly Blades may be fixed or swinging, and can be either knife-edged for gentle granulation or impact edged for more aggressive reduction. Blades with one edge type on either side are also available for versatility. A variety of blade profiles assure the best match for your product requirements.

"Sreenex" comminuting mill has been specially designed for pulverization, granulation, dispersion etc. can also be used in various industries like

* Pharmaceutical * Food * Confectionery * Ceramics * Colours * Cosmetic * Detergent * Plastic and other industries.


  • Water Jacked Model
  • S.S.316 in place of S.S.304 contact parts
  • Flame proof electrical fittings
  • Compact and easily cleanable
  • GMP model in place of standard model
  • Various types of blades styles for desired application

Salient Features

  • For small, medium or large scale production
  • Chamber accessibility for easy cleaning, inspection & maintenance
  • Beater assembly is a dynamically balance rotor for reduction of vibration & noise level Castor wheel for easy mobility
  • Reversible starter provided for dual operation
  • Advanced rugged design requires very little maintenance
  • Easy to clean and can be used for various kinds of products