Sreenex Fluid Bed Coater
Sreenex Fluid Bed Coater is specially designed for pellets coatings. The basic concept of the Processor begins with a simple dryer unit, to which several different option packages may be added for conversion to a granulation, film coating and pellet coating. It is 3-4 time faster then the conventional coating method.
Techinical Specification
Model SFC-10 SFC-30 SFC-60 SFC-100
Total Bowl Volume in ltrs. 12 32 65 105
Batch size in Kgs. 3 to 6 6 to 15 15 to 37 25 to 60
Electric Motor H.P 1 3 5 7.5
Heater in Kw 2.5 7.5 21 33
Diameter of product container in mm 200 (approx.) 300(approx.) 400(approx.) 500(approx.)
Over all Height in mm 2000(approx.) 2600(approx.) 3300(approx.) 4000(approx.)


  • Cartridge type blow back filters
  • Tangential spray
  • Multiple spray nozzles
  • Liquid pumping system
  • Controls for liquid pumping

Salient Features

  • Single shell technology for drying, mixing granulation And coating
  • Replaces no. of machines like RMG, granulation, Multi Mill, FBD and overall operational coats
  • Sophisticated PLC controls to ensure high degree of controls of process parameters
  • Shorter cycle time
  • Sample taking port
  • Quick disconnection of bottom screen