Sreenex MEGA Mill
Sreenex Mega Mill is a newly designed machine to meet the cGMP standard. It is driven by 7.5 HP motor coupled directly to the rotor shaft.
Screw feeder is provided to feed the material uniformly feed rate is controlled by a variable frequency drive which varies the speed of screw, driven by 0.5 HP MOTOR with suitable reduction gear box.
All the coupling parts are clamped with TC clamps for easy and fast assembly contact parts can be removed within few minutes and assembled back.
All the contact parts of Sreenex Mega Mill are made out of S.S. 316 Quality and Non contact parts with S.S. 304 quality.
Techinical Specification
*Output per hour 800 - 1500 kgs
Electrical Motor 7.5 HP FLP Motor with VFD
Control Feeding 0.5 HP Motor and suitable reduction Gear Box With VFD