Sreenex Multi Mill
Sreenex Multi Mill operates on tde principle of variable force swing beaters rotating in process chamber witd selected speed to get tde desired size reduction witd highly power efficient size reduction unit witd wide ranging of applications.
Techinical Specification
Model SMM-BD
*Output per hour 50 to 200 Kgs.
Rotor Swing diameter in mm 250(approx.)
Rotor RPM 750/1500/2300/3000
Beaters 12nos. Knife/impact edges and two Scraper blades
Screen dimension in mm 260(ID) x 140(Height)
Electrical motor 3 HP/2.2Kw/1440
Starter DOL witd reversible switch
Over all dimension in mm 900(L) x 1000(B)x1700(H)
Net Weight in Kgs. 270(approx.)
Gross Weight in Kgs. 415(approx.)


  • S.S.316 in place of S.S.304 contact parts
  • Flameproof electrical fittings
  • GMP model in place of standard model

Salient Features

  • Proven Performance - The SREENEX Multi Mill is ideal for processing Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics Ceramics, Powder, Metals, Pigments, Food product etc.
  • Greater Product Uniformity - Exclusive 360 screen, plus easy changing to exact number of blades required, means that product particles are expelled when they reach desired size, without being overworked.
  • Stainless Steel Contact Parts For maximum cleanliness and corrosion resistance, long service
  • Clean up and Inspection - All contact parts can be easily and quickly dismantled for clean- up and inspection
  • High production capacity - The 'SREENEX' Multi Mill with its high-efficiency design, often processes materials at twice the rate of other size reduction equipment with comparable horsepower


Sreenex Multi Mill is widely used for wet and dry granulation, pulverisation etc. in Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Food, Ceramics, Pesticides, Fertilizers, Detergent, Plastics, Resin and other industries.