Sreenex Ribbon Blender is designed for rapid and thorough blending, to eliminate product stagnation and rapid action the opposite ribbons rolls, tumbles and pushes the product in opposite direction longitudinally from both ends. The flow of material in opposite direction results in uniform and fast mixing.

Salient Features

  • Ribbon blender shell made of stainless steel
  • The lid has 3 piece segment with fixed center piece and hinged cover at either sides for charging of products
  • The main shaft made of stainless steel on which the ribbons are welded
  • The ribbon are made of stainless steel flats with suitable size and thickness depending up on the capacity
  • A Teflon bush, Oil seal and gland packing is provided to avoid leakage. (Silicon seal optional)
  • The blender is provided with a suitable reduction gear box and motor to achieve required RPM